The entire pre-Columbian world saw in gold and silver ways to express their art, but not a currency as the occidental men saw them. Therefore, for the Incas gold represented sun sweat and silver represented the tears of the moon. For them, everything done with gold and silver were demonstrations of sacred.

Regarding the Mapuches, they believed that the sun and the moon got separated after a fight, giving rise to day as a period of search of the sun for its couple and to night as the search that the moon undertakes to find its beloved one. Since they were not able to find each other, the sun cried fire tears that when they touched the earth turned into gold and the moon cried so loud that when said sound touched the earth it turned into silver.

These pieces try to pay a small tribute to these stories and take them to urban and current use. Our aim is to achieve current demonstrations of the past and to give them again some place in our daily life.